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"LOVE IN VIZAG" a mookie love story by ROCKESH REDDY

Cast: Shanmukh Kandregula, Sri Sushma, Satish Saripally, Roopa Devi, Priya, Baby Jayanthi, Vasu, Balu, Venu and Suji(Hizra)
Cinematography: Anil Royale
Editing & DI: Ramkhy Cinepro
Music : Ram Narayan
Executive Producer: Sreenivas Balla
Penned & Picturised: ROCKESH REDDY (Rocky) (FB:, mail:
Team: Subramanyam Balu (Srikakulam), Freedom Vasu & Mohit Venu (Guntur), Martin (Vizag)


Prabhas Pelli Gola - Telugu Short Film - First Look Teaser


Cast and Crew : Surendra kumar,Harika,Vijay,Prasanna and others
Banner : Sri Hayasirasa Productions
Director : Amrutha Charan
Music director : Srikanth Koppula
Cinematographer: Seenu
Editor :Gouse basha
Vfx&titles : Mahesh
Producer : Surendra Kumar


Cast :Tejus Kancherla, Chandini Chowdary, Suman, Rajiv Kanakala, Ajay, Saptagiri among others.

Director : Kittu Nalluri
Producer : Balasani Venkatesh
Music : Sai Kartheek
Banner : Venkatesh Movies
Song : Emo em ayyindo
Singers : Dhananjay, Divija Kartheek
Lyrics : Balaji
Music : Sai Kartheek

James Bond press meet. music on 12 in third week. directed by Sai Kishore Macha. produced by Ramabrahmam. music by Sai karthik. satrring: Allari Naresh & Sakshi Chowdar

User Rating:

Direction         : Sai Kishore Macha
Genre             : Comedy
Running time  : 141 minutes
Punch line      : jamesbond
Shortsadda rating : 2.5/5

For regular movie lovers  who fed up with baahubali by watching it for plenty times from last two weeks here comes  jamesbond like a whiff of fresh air.  Because of dreath in releases however it will be movie freaks definitely catch this for sure like me.  Good and bad are secondary issue, we must watch some new release cinema.

If it is really good, then it will be big feast for us to entertain for this week. So, before entering i prayed to make this film a super hit not because of flop track record of ALLARI NARESH  with series of 7 flops in past who is now competing with VARUN SANDESH and NITIN  in terms of flop both had continuous 14 and 12 flops consecutively. But to avoid watching baahubali and bharangi again and again for this week also. Let’s discuss further in this angle itself how will be the movie, story etc? And i promised not to discuss much negatives about the film here because it would have change your opinion on this movie. So, decide whether to watch or not by reading positive aspects itself.

Earlier, same team along with naresh had been collaborated for super hit movie AHA NA PELLANTA for which they adopted some Korean movie storyline and  Hindi film WELCOME screenplay. I am not sure this time they might have been adopted some Korean flick because of nativity factor, which is slightly missing in the story.   I felt like makers have tried to modify the story according to our telugu audience tastes. Who cares whether it is copied flick or remake flick we only care for, whether it is entertaining or not.

Yes, it is entertaining not very entertaining but ok, the scenes involving sapthagiri are hilarious probably this could be his best role after venkatadri express, beeruva. He never goes overboard.
Buraqa scene in the second half would have been the best scene for entire film, if it was trimmed a bit. Some comedy scenes involving allari naresh family are also nice.
After saptagiri, boiling star babblo( 30 yrs prudhvi), posani also did their part well to evoke few decent laughs. Among all these jabardast raghu's comedy in the climax stands out. In terms, comedy it may not have passed with distinction but satisfies you to maximum extent.
Then coming to the story. After listening about lady don marrying a normal guy and all. You could have thought this story is a different one.  Not at all a new story, director cleverly changes characterizations of hero and heroine.  In previous movie, we saw how heroine wins husband's love or how she changed the path of her husband etc here it is vice versa. That it nothing more than that. Here and there scenes are lifted from few previous Hindi flicks. Director has succeeded in providing racy screenplay during first half which never make you to feel bore. In one word one can say this movie reloaded version to kitakitalu to some extent.

Director has worked under srinu vytla earlier; we find vytla's impact in few scenes. Sentiment scenes are ok but they are not so necessary to film and we don't expect sentiment from naresh flicks also.
Allari naresh has done this kind of characters previously in many films, not a new role for him to handle. He did it effortlessly. Nevertheless, to mention his character has some shades of subbu from AHANA PELLANTA.

SAKSHI CHOWDARY is very lucky to get a meaty role.  She looks good on screen. And about performance less we talk better. Probably this could be her last crazy film in telugu.

1.    First 30minutes of the film is very entertaining.
2.    Saptagiri role stands out and few comedy scenes in second half.

2.Predictable story line and many more.

JAMES BOND  nen kadu ma avida is biter flick when compared with previous allari naresh's flicks but not the best one.  Don't keep any sort of expectations it is just rehash of previous naresh's films. On a final note, this film can be watchable, if you are fed up with baahubali and this will provide you some decent entertainment.

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (                                                                                                                                                                    
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Actors: Chanakya, Bipin, Akhila
Camera: Dinesh
Dialogues: Surya Prakash Reddy
Story & Direction: Rakyesh Aithraju

User Rating:
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Direction                  : Rakyesh Aithraju
Gene                       : Love
Running  time          : 13 minutes 
Punch line               :  is priya tamalapaku?
Shortsadda rating   : 3./5

Plot summary:
 A age old routine story where one boy mr.wrong ditches a girl Miss. Perfect and after knowing her character and all another guy comes to love her. How all it comes to an end forms the rest.

What is good:
We have seen many stories before in short films itself for number of times. Still some films among them are attracts us and we liked them. There are various reasons for liking them, it may be because of gripping screenplay or freshness in characters or dialogues or soulful music or some other.

This film also has same characteristics mentioned above, ignore gripping screenplay because it is not so gripping. Heroine character nandini is really good and that girl also has done fantastic job. Looks wise also she looks great. Can we imagine a girl who doesn’t use any cell phone and all social network things? We can find that girl in this film. We may call it as over action but justification was given with simple Dialogue which is near to ok.

The way director ends up the story with   4 to 5 scenes are very good and all those scenes are filled with funny punch dialogues, which you can try to use in your daily routine.  Dialogue writer Surya Prakash Reddy should deserve credit for that.  Retro kind of bgm in background adds the soul to the film. Simple but good. Cinematography is also an asset.

The way director ends the film is very natural, unlike in some films where a boy proposes a girl in interesting way, she impressed and fell in love with etc. Kind of stuff. But here is slightly different.

What's bad:
Yeah like said before, the story very very predictable. We can easily predict the climax.  It has good dialogues, nice bgm ,perfect actors but main thing is missing which is  gripping narration, slightly made half baked product.

Final word:
Overall an satisfactory product, doesn’t disappoints you. It values your time and running time is its main asset. Watch it for punch lined.

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (                                                                                                                                                                    
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Cast : Sunny Naveen,Haritha,Raghu,Rajivee, Harika , Mani
Camera : Murali
Editing : Vara Prasad
Music : Kabir Rafi,
Written & Directed by Sathish Tirupathi
Producer : Venkateswarulu Tirupathi


Star cast - Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan & Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Directed by - Kabir Khan
Produced by - Salman Khan & Rockline Venkatesh
Music by - Pritam
Distributed worldwide by Eros International.
Releasing Eid 2015

Direction         : Kabir Khan
Genre             : Emotional Drama
Punch line      : Jai Bharangabali
Shortsadda rating : 4/5

The content:
By seeing trailer itself we all guys will definitely guess the story of the film. Yeah! Our guess is almost correct. The story of the film is all about how our bajarangi aka pawan chaturvedi (salman khan) helped Pakistani mute girl munna or saayeera (harshali malhotra) to reunite with her family in sultanapur,Pakistan.Then what is our rasika (kareena kapoor khan) is doing in this film? By having looking over the name, please don’t come to any kind of conclusion ah?  You know our bajarangi is a honest, kind,good etc all kind of good qualities are there in him. But being a hanuman ji  fan our pawan ji is big racist henever wants to visit mosques, churches and all but our munna is a muslim girl and that too from  Pakistan. So this bad quality in bajaragi doesn’t allow him to do favor for munna. To help munna he needs some inspiration that inspiration comes from our rasika madam, who is very broad minded bhramin girl. Put the story aside for a while.
Only one word, I can say about salman khan is undoubtedly it is his best performance in recent times.  Hero with such huge stardom never agrees to do these kinds of stories unless he is aamir khan but our sallu bhai proved it wrong. And yes film also ends on a  tare zameen par style. There is not even single flaw or we don’t find any kind over action also. He plays his character with sheer innocence and makes you fall in love again and again. For those wants to see action in him could have disappoint a bit as this film has only one action sequence and those who want to see him in shirtless they can be satisfied. Yes there is one shirtless scene in this movie too.
Nawazzuddin, what he did in his previous movies same had been repeated in this also with his performance. He enters in second half but makes his presence felt and this man is true artist. Kareenakappor khan is a very beautiful i must say this for her also this is best role probably after taalash. We may think that after watching trailer she has nothing to do in this film but she also has very important role as mentioned above her role gives much required inspiration to our bajrangi.
But my doubt is, whether kind of characters be it bajarangi or rasika are really exists? Both these characters very good and possess very good qualities. You will be known those good qualities only after seeing the movie
The real stealer here is our munni (harshaali malhotra). Playing a mute girl, the little wonder speaks through her eyes and her innocence is heart-warming. Sometimes she overshadow salman and nawazuddin also.
Direction and others:
If we have look over our director kabirkhan previous flicks be it newyork or Kabul express or it may be ek tha tiger always deals with some international concepts. Although those films are good and hits, super hits but somewhat emotional content or nativity factor has missed in those films. The same thing has not repeated in this film. We has touched many controversial things but he didn’t go much deeper into that he used only the things which are required for his film. He selects best of actors, best of humor, best of locations whatever everything in best manner. While first half some interesting and emotional sequence and second has some dramatic scenes.
This film story is provided by vijayendraprasad,  do you know  who  is he? He is father of our baahubali director rajmouli who in turn provided the story for baahubali also. Detailing in the movie is very good each and every scene is very convincing but screenplay of the movie is very convenient and dramatic be it child missing from train or Pakistan embassy scene or some other. Emotional quotient is very high in this film.
1.All lead actors performances. Specially harshalli malhotra. Her cute performance is special treat to watch.

2. Cinematography is just amazing. Music is soothing and the songs are really haunting.
3. Interval sequence.
4. Entire climax episode.
5. Where pawan and his  famiy comes to know the real nationality of munna
6. Behanji sequence with kareena
 If i write like this film has many highlights, each and everything is the highlight in this film.

Film is boring at times. If you are looking for regular routine masala films from salman khan this is not for you. This film has no item number or no glamour.

 We are very lucky to get two back to back blockbusters in a week gap. Last week it is baahubali and now it is bajraangi bhaijaan. Watch this with heart not with brain put all logic's aside and don’t forget to take and handkerchief with you. Once or a while you will shed your tears for sure, this film surely takes more awards along with collections. Don’t miss this emotional ride. This is the perfect EID gift for salman and the best film of 2015 till now.
Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (                                                                                                                                                                    
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Screenplay & Direction: S.S. Rajamouli
Story: V. Vijayendra Prasad
Director Of Photography: K. K Senthil Kumar
Production Designer: Sabu Cyril
Music Composer: M. M. Kreem
VFX Supervision: V. Srinivas Mohan
Sound Design: P. M. Satheesh
Stunt Choreography: Peter Hein
Additional Stunt: King Solomon, Lee Whittakar, Kaloyan Vodenicharow
Dance Choreographers: Prem Rakshit, Shankar, Dinesh Kumar, Jani
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Costume Designer: Rama Rajamouli, Prashanti Tripirneni
Dialogues: Hindi - Manoj Muntashir
Production: Arka Media Works

Direction         :  S.S. Rajamouli
Genre             : Action/ Fantasy/ Thriller
Punch line      : Jai mahismathi
Shortsadda rating : 4/5

We have been tuned to some formats from  last few years like soft love stories, action drama ( hero- villain conflict, hero fights for cause) or routine formulaic konavenkat's stories. If something like innovative or different flick comes apart from above mentioned formats, we are unable to digest them.  We doesn’t need any sort of detailing or we require everything should go in hurried and faster way.  We imagine our favorite hero in our own way, he should do these kind of scenes, fights etc and yeah there is no restrictions for imagination. If something goes beyond those imagination the result will be flop. Because of this factor classic flicks like nenokadine, panja etc become a flop buster at ticket window or it will take some time for us to understand it for example athadu, julayi sort of. If you guys require only above mentioned things then tell me what is new thing you find in baahubali apart from kona venkat stuff?  It has revenge story, love story but everything in incomplete manner and you guys know the exact reason for incompleteness also.  You may say it's backdrop. Folklore's are not at all new for us. Infect those are our treasure we made many folklore movies in past also.

Another problem is that, we treat our heroes as demigods, we worship them, care for their records, collections, compares with other heroes etc. Because of too much love on our heroes, we develop ego feelings towards other heroes. We never wanted to praise other hero flicks even tough they are good, we have this kind of feeling like if we support the film that so called hero may have break the record of our hero's. Dude, records are meant to be broken. Chiranjeevi's record was broken by mahesh then by charan and then by pawan,now may be prabhas or it may be newcomers like mukunda or alludu seenu on someday( don’t criticise for mentioning film name because for familiarity only i did that). As for my knowledge, prabhas and alluarjun are darling of our telugu cinema and enjoyed very less anti fan base all these days but why suddenly these much hatred towards him? Why don't guys take it as ' mana prabhas ae kada'. Greater the target, higher the applause will be. You know your star's stamina,  rajmouli is required for prabhas to set this huge record may be our star hero wouldn't require heavy budget or rajmouli break the records. Then imagine how our fans will feel proud? Let me clarify one thing " i am not a prabhas fan, i am a true pawan kalyan fan and i am proud to that i am supporting baahubali

We always appreciate Hollywood flicks whether we understand them or not. To be frank, tell me how many of you guys have understand inception and interstellar completely at very first time? Can you please explain me all the logics in those flick? Still we appreciate their effort. Do you guys have idea about anukokunda oka roju movie? The same concept was used in hangover movie. I am not saying those guys have copied our telugu film but if someone not aware of this fact, they simply says anukokunda oka roju is a copied flick and also fact is that anukokunda is average venture whereas hangover is a huge blockbuster. Same thing happed with our nenokadine.  Even we are not ready ro accept different love stories also like orange, true classics then what do you guys really need? I will figure out infinite number of glitches in troy film. It was made at double the budget of baahubali at the time only probably 2003, i guess. If that same troy film is made then it would have been more than 5 times than baahubali. Why do you guys are always try to degrade our own cinema by saying it as copy or up to the mark.

We all are very much aware and even Tamil guys also know this " vijay's puli trailer is not up to mark and it is no way reached to baahubali" but still they are supporting that film like anything and take shankar's ayi is the weakest work of all shankar previous works still we tried to encourage it by saying they spent huge budget, so many days, vikram took so much effort etc then tell me didn't you guys find same same thing with baahubali? ain't rana and prabhas took the same effort like vikram? Almost both the flicks are equal interim's of working days or budget , tell me which film appear superior on screen? Each and every rupee spent on the movie is clearly same thing doesn't happen for ayi. In fact those Tamil people and hind people are supporting more than us. Unanimous positive all over

You have every right to criticism a movie if you don't like it. Here i am talking about goats or sheep’s whatever they are, who always depends on others opinion. They don't know the actual fact or sometimes they don't even watch the film still they are saying movie is a flop etc.  And there are few section of people who don’t like what everyone likes and always ready to criticise however it would be. For them i am saying go and take your own film according to your own wish and watch alone in your home theatre or you watch routine ready kind of flick for more number of times and try to find out loopholes in them but not on baahubali and you are not eligible to point out them ( this line is only for goats)

Some people are saying like this also "anta budget pethadu kada ani bagaleni cinema ni kuda bagundi ani promote cheyala?" Seriously not required, but here the movie is really good and worth watching because of your higher expectations only, you didn’t like the movie otherwise it is good.  We shouldn't put blame on makers also for raising high expectations. They spent huge money in baahubali and it is a regional cinema so they want to promote the film in every way. They did the same only. Who asked you to raise that much of expectations? If our expectations are beyond sky, nobody can fulfils it.  you must keep two facts before entering into the theatre one is rajmouli flick never have great story line and other is it is regional cinema and has many limitations.  if you have those kind of expectations  which only possible for international cinema then who will be responsible for that?  Still rajmouli and team has achieved nearly 70 to 80% output with 1/5 th budget of international cinema. Aren't they?

For those who are saying climax is abrupt and doesn't have proper ending. keep one thing in mind it has sequel everything will be answered there. be patience. If abrupt ending is the case here 300-2 movie also has sudden ending. You liked that, then why not baahubali.
The above things are only for those who are saying movie is a shit not for everyone
Before concluding i just want to share the highlights of baahubali.

1. Undoubtedly it is sivagami( ramya krishna) she has very limited screen presence but dominated everyone even prabhas also.

2. And then kattapa. His characterisation is major highlight for the movie. Satya raj did it with utmost perfection. His acting or his looks everything is just perfect

3. anushka, same like sivagami she has every small screen presence butI think of the entire story revolves around the devasena only.the confrantation scene  with kattapa is really good. And the tammana she has taken care of glamour department and she looked like an angel. Her action sequences are also feast to watch.

4. Prabhas and raana what to say about them. We cannot imagine another persons in those roles.

5. from the scene where sivudu enters mahismati to scene where sivudu kills adivisesh, emotions in this part is at peaks. You may not like the movie, but you definitely love this part.

6. I am not so genius like other critics to talk about the work and direction. All i can say is those are beyond my imagination.

7. Entire war sequences are supremely handled infact never before on Indian screen.

#Few questions are unanswered in this part we may get the answers in later part
1. What are sins committed by sivagami? She says that before dying.

2. How will kicha sudeep help kattapa?

3. Who is devasena? What is the backdrop of avantika and her tribe?

4. Most importantly who is rana herione?  With whom he have birth to adivi sesh?

5. And of course why did kattapa killed baahubali?

#i have very small doubt.
Why didn’t sivudu take another route to climb the hill where there is no water fall?
  Yeah this film also has many glitches but still i want to support this not because of their hard work or budget. They made me to experience which is something very new to me and which is beyond my expectation.  This is for common audience,dont care for negative comments or negative reviews, it is visual feast to watch .Proud of Indian cinema

Instead of Supporting perfect foreign products it is better to support and promote our own products with minute faults. some day we will attain perfection. if not we, then who will support ? MADE IN INDIA #Jai Mahishmati #Baahubali.

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Vamsi gangiredla (                                                                                                                                                                    
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Banner : Crazy Creations
Cast : Javed Myank, Dr. Pasupuleti Hariprasad, Karthik, Haindavi, Bobby (Srinivas Mabbu), Rajkumar, Zakreen, Khaja, Master Khizar, Master Jilani
Camera : Christopher
Editor : Hemantha
VFx : Raviteja
Sound Engineers : Krishna Bharavi, Chiranjeevi
Music : Reebhattar
Publicity : Vamsi Manchu
Screenplay - Co-direction : Madhav Makkineni
Producer : Haneef (Prasad)
Story - Screenplay - Direction : Bheemineti Harikrishna