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Banner - Shutter Bugs, ASPN Productions
Cast - Pravan, Seema
Cinematography - Prasanna Kumar
Editing - Sai Yashwanth
Desinger - Anil
Lyrics - Koushik Pegallapati
Singer - Karthik Rodriguez
Music - Krishna Sai
Asst. Directors - Sajeel, Sri Hari
Director - Sehon


A Sandeep Reddy Pulusani Film
CAST : Srinath Kanneboina , Anirudh Tadakamalla , Suchit Jogu , Munshi Prahlad


Devi Sri Prasad Talk's About Short Film Festival 2014 | Presented by iQlik Movies
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"A day of in the life of Lakshmi Manchu's feet" directed by Ram Gopal Varma. RGV's first short-film, the film includes many interesting and emotional elements which capture the heart of a viewer.

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Heart Beat | A Mute Love Story | silent short film 2014 | Presented by iQlik Movies
Directed by : Manikanta Aeluri
Produced by : iQlik Movies

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Music : Ghantasala Viswanath 
Sung : Subhash Narayan
Lyrics : Raghukul Mokirala
Director : Venkat Karnati
Producer : iQlik Movies


"Hrudayamatta" is a Spoof Shortfilm of "Hrudaya Kaleyam"
Cast: Santosh Kumar (Santoornesh Babu), Rakhi Sharma, Mukesh Bolisetti, Sridhar Yadav.S, Srinivas Kolala, Jagadish Adapa (Raja), Anvesh, Somesh Soma, Siva Chandra Kumar, M.Madhuri Goud, Pranitha
Cinematography: Balaji Y
Sound Engineer - Suresh
Editing: Sai Yashwanth
Music: Ghantasala Vishwanath
Producers: Eagle Eye Productions & TeluguOne Productions
Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction by: Vaali (Janasena, Okka Kshanam Short Films)

Direction               :  Vaali Dada
Genre                     : Comedy
Is this film suits for all ages: Yes
Running time         :  20 minutes
Our Punch line       :  Satire Lakae Satire ah...
Rating : 3/5

Santorenesh babu is an upcoming actor whose craze over the public increases every day which irritates the fans of many other heroes. One day, while one girl proposing Santoo those fans attacked him. In that fight, he comes to know the real identity of that girl. Who is that girl? What is the connection of this story with matta?  You will get all answers only by watching this film.

As this film is heavily is heavily inspired from sampoornesh babu's hrudaya kalayam,  so it is un avoidable to compare Hrudaya matta with Hrudayakalayam,
Like Sampoornesh Babu in HK, Santoorenesh Babu aslo rocked all the way, he effortlessly carried out entire 20m film with his hilarious performances. His dialogues, expressions are highly entertaining.But what stops him to praise completely is that, he simply followed the mannerisms of sampoo. Those who are unaware of sampoo can feel fresh by watching him, for others he is like an extended version to sampoo.  Still, he manages to register his mark.remaining all others doesn't have prominent role to talk about, are adequate.

Technical departments:
Music and cinematography are adequate.Dialogues are highly entertaining and  need a special mention here. The one liner written for Santoo are hilarious and will remembered for a long time.

Although it is an inspired version, director Vaali Dala managed to show his mark through the scenes he narrated. He reached his target by providing and generating lot of humour. The director has also given right explanation why this movie is titled ‘Hrudya matta ’ and why Sampoornesh Babu is called ‘Boring Star’ even tough not very convincing. the statutory warnings that come at bottom of screen are creative.

Inspiration always stops innovation.  Even though viewers enjoys this film till the end and there is technically now wrong with the film but at the last director has face " hrudyakalayam atu ithu tippi tiasesad ra" this is the criticism has to face  with  remakes and inpired flicks by the whole team.  Needless to mention, I have drawn some inspiration to write review for this film from hrudaya kalayam reviews.  It does not mean that we are against inspirations but we opine that it always stops us from innovative thinking and makes all things easier. All crew and actor have put all his whole efforts but the appreciation what they expect for the film is not so encouraging.

In fact, sampoornesh babu and his team has faced lot of criticism during the movie's release for degrading the values of cinema. Lets  wait for some more time how short film viewers would receive the inspired story from already inspired flick.
Apart from this, this movie is highly entertains. If the short film target is to entertain the viewers it succeeded in that aspect. It values your 20minutes time.

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Cast: Chaithu Sofi, Sarika Reddy,Alekhya Reddy
Making Photography: Swaroop.B
Vfx-Title-Poster Design: Mangipudi Srikanth
Cinematography: Raj Varma
Written-Edited-Directed By: Deekshith Chand
Brand Partne: TWLLS
Media Partners: www.shortsadda.in

Written and Directed by: Jithu Madhavan
Production house: Rebel Film Factory


Cast and Crew:
Writer, Screenplay & Director: Malladi Rajesh
Associate Director: Abhishek Basu & Chandu
Assistant Director: Sudhakar, Vinodh
Producer: Ravi 
Director of Photography: Malladi Rajesh
Staring: Ravi, Anurag, Vinodh, Sudhakar, Subas (Child Artist), Nava Mani, Dillip Kumar 
Production Designer: Malladi Rajesh
Editor: Koti P
Dubbing Incharge: Raju
Voice Over Artists: Deepika, Geetha 
Post Production Suite: Prudhvi Maya Studios
Poster Desinger: Ganesh PSR

Media Partner: iMovie Junction
Promotional Partners: www.shortsadda.in



Soma Sekhar
Sai Gadu
Bindu mani
Uday Kumar


Written, Directed by Jagadish Ashadapu
Cinematography: Mazhar
Editing: Ravin
Graphics: Siva
Asst.Cinematography: Santosh
Cast: Bhimavarapu Koti,Ravi,Prashant,Raju Chityal,Laxman


Cast: Shashank, Karthik, Bindu, PSP, Basha
Cinematography: Ramesh Mamilla
Banner: Golden Apple Creations
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: TVS Raghunath


Banner - Sai Akshaya Productions | Project No.6 | 
Cast - Harsha chowdary , Nagender , Balram , Sai manoj , Mythri shiva , mahesh , Ramesh , srinu 
Vfx - Shakti Swaroop 
Music - Gnaneshwar Singh 
Production Incharge - Nagender 
Production Exec. - Shiva, Karteek, Zaheer 
Creative Head - Harsha Chowdary
Producer - Dr. K. Suma Chowdary 


Cast : BalooSpicy, Swetaa varma
Editor : Sunny blake
Music : Baloo Spicy
DOP : Anoop pulugu
Producer : iQlik Movies, Spicy creationz
Presented by- Baby Pranavi
Written & Directed by - Bala G Pasala 
Female Dubbing : Sindu Rao
Dubbing Engineers - Ashok , Sagar, Satish Bharadwaj
Dubbing Studio- gv studios
Sound Effects - Ashok


Gopuram - Telugu Short Film 2014

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Starring: Prashanth Tiramareddi, Ranjan Nayak, Kriti Sehgal, Shanti Priya.
Story: Padala Santhosh Kumar, Ranjan Nayak.
Cinematography: M.J.Manohar.
Producer: Mascreenus Naveen.
Direction: Padala Santhosh Kumar.



Written, Directed and Edited by Sabarish Kandregula 


Muhurtham - A Film by Sasi Kumar Muthuluri
Cast : Girish Goda,Gayathri Jujare
Female Dubbing : Gayathri Jujare
Male Dubbing : Girish Goda
Publicity Designs : Phaneendra Pasupuleti,Vamsy Manchu
Editor : Bhanu Chandar K.
Music : Baloo Spicy
DOP : Sreedhar.K.V
Producer : iQlik Movies, 90's Kids Studio
Written & Directed by Sasi Kumar Muthuluri

Media partner : www.shortsadda.in


Sumithra Creations Presents,
Cast : Surya, Shruti, Wasim, Shravan Dasari, Venkat, Sai Venkatesh.
Story : Rajesh Rasapudi, Dialogues : V.Vijay 
Music & Singer : Pavan Charan , Lyrics : Sireesh
Direction Dept : Swamy , Rajesh Rasapudi 
Operative Cameraman : Rajesh Babu Maddumala
Cinematography & Editing : D.Santhosh Kumar Reddy 
Screenplay & Direction : Santosh Patnaik


AkhiyazSaiproduction presents
Story Screenplay : MD Akhiyaz
Direction Cinematography : Saikumar.D
Asst director: vamsikrishna dvk
Music director :M.Raghu Sravan Kumar
lyrics : bio vicky
casting : naveen,praveena,keerthan,vamsi,aishwarya

Titles : SHAKTHI
Lyrics,Singer & Music :ROHIT RAGA
Key Board : REMO
Designer : .GANESH PSR
Producer : LOVA RAJU
Written & Directed : SRIKHAR REDDY K


Story-Screenplay-Direction - Su Ku 
Starring - Ria Hridaya 
Sailesh Saly 
Editing,Sound mixing - Ramkhee

Frustrated Indians | Short Film 2014 


Cast : Anil Raghupatruni,Prasanna,Surya,Saranya.Sush­ma,Vivek,Prsanth,
Story :Sandeep Pulikallu
Music : Srinivas Prabhala,
Producer : Venkata Sudheer N,Chaithanya Orugonda
Director : Chaithanya Orugonda

Introducing - Sri Lekha 
DOP - Vikram Jammula 
Post-Production: The Scene Mill
Posters - Kiran Pathuri
Written and Directed by - Jayateja Palle 


concept : SREE VEDA...!
making photography : KRISHNA CHAITANYA...!
re-recording : SHRI NIDHI CINE STUDIOS...!