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Cast : Yuva Chandraa , Pavani Gangireddy, Kalyan Manda, Shilpa Reddy , Prabhat Diggavi , Santosh Raviteja , Jeevan Kumar,Srinivas Prabhala , Rahul Sankrityan , Vasu

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction : Sreekar Chintalapudi
DOP : Sreekar,Nithish
Music : Vamsi,Hari
Editing : Bhanu Chandar K.
lyrics : Sarwa
Singers : Hari Charan , Ala , Hari
Asst Director : Vivek Penumaka
Publicity Designs & DI : Omkar Kadiyam 


Movie title : Love Redefined
Genre : Love/comedy 
Production house: broken hearts production 
Music : kabir rafi
Editing : harsha annavarapu 
Casting : Mubashir shaik , Akshita 
Female dubbing: bharathi ghattamaneni 
Dubbing studio : laxvil 
Dialogues : mubashir shaik 
Cinematography , story,screenplay,direction : Ram


Cast : All Eyes On Cherry | Prashanthi SharmaSupport Cast Female : Harsha Reddy | Spandana DeviSupport Cast Male : Thodupunoori Ganesh Shetty | Saînath VamshîDesigned & Directed : Sandeep RajMusic & Background Scores : Pvr Raja ( (Penumatsa Venkata Rama Raju
Casting : SarojaStills : GaniAssociate Director : Krishna MurthyScript Supervision : SpandanaStudio : StudioRaaga HydSound Editor : Nagarjuna



story, screenplay, dileouges & direction : Anu prasad
casting : Vida Chaitanya Amit Kapoor Manohar Manu Siraj Mogal Sagar Kiran Raghu Nath Janga 
producer : Sanjeeva Reddy Komatireddy ( sritha sanjana productions )
camera :  bharath
Editing : Harsha Annavarapu
Music : Ajay Arasada
Coke style kolavari di ad.. How do you rate it..

Cast: Sai Teja, Sree Teja, Sree Harsha, Joshitha.
Sound Engineers: Ashok Ravouri, Sagar Bommoji
Studio: G.V. Studio.
Dubbing: Subhash Narayan ( Male) , Prashanthi sudhakar ( Female)
Dop: sameer khan
Technical Assitance: Priyatham chintala
D.I: Rathnaker Reddy
Sound Effects :Harsha Annavarapu
Editor :Shakti Swaroop 
Singer: Anudeep Dev
Strings: Subhani
Back Ground Score Keys : Kamal
Music and lyrics : Pvr Raja ( Penumatsa Venkata Rama Raju)
Producer : Nani Yarlagadda
Written,Directed & Produced:Anvesh.


Starring : Chinna, Jyothsna Varma, Domi V.C , Santhosh , Krishna Mohan , Kalyan Upendhra.
DI(Colorist) , Publicity Designer , VFX , Edtior , Cinematographer writter And Directed By - Farooq Roy
Producer - Fareed
Music Director - Srikanth Koppula


Cast: Asapu Yeshwanth,Anand,Sunitha,Rahul bontha
AD: Vinay
Written & Directed :TharunAddanki

User Rating:

Direction        : Tharun Addanki
Genre             : Thriller
Running  time: 10.47  minutes
Punchline       : Murder
Shortsadda rating: 3/5

Synopsis :
A serial killer gets a contract from some unknown  person to kill another another person. After executing the task he gets to know the actual identity of the person whom he killed. What is that identity? Forms rest of the story.

The effort

On screen :

Serial killer done neat job and suits well. Remaining all are adequate.

Off screen

Story screenplay direction :

Story is not a new one and has some thrilling  elements  involved in it.  Screenplay  is very engaging. The way director  Tharun Addanki  executes and deals the plot with out dialogues  is simply  outstanding.

Technical  departments :

Editing  is neat. Cinematography is decent.
Bgm work should be effective for the film with no dialogues. Bgm slightly  fell short in this aspect. As he tried to do something  different  work but it couldn't  really worked. Overall it is good.

Analysis :
My last murder is an engaging  thriller with few twists and tweaks. It definitely worth  a watch and running  time is its main advantage.

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Vamsi gangiredla (                                                                                                                                                                    
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Story,Dialogues,editing - Praneeth Namuduri
Concept,Cinematography,Direction - Nitin Bhargava
Casting - Ricky Pranay , Sonali Putla , Daniel , Praneeth Namuduri , Pavan Divakaruni , Sravan Kumar

Direction        : Praneeth Namuduri
Running  time: 21 minutes
Punchline       : love
Shortsadda rating: 3/5

Synopsis :
Love chronicles  starts with a boy, who is failure in love attempts  to end his life was rescued by his friends. Then one of his friend revealed that he was also failure in love and started narrating his story to him. The rest is all about the love story of that person?  What happened  to this love?

The effort

On screen :
Hero Ricky Pranay and heroine Sonali Putla did an average job in terms of acting. There is no proper sync between their expressions  and dialogues. Sometimes expressions  were good and sometimes  dialogue  delivery  was good but both are not good at a time. There is sort of camera fear also there which is clearly visible on screen.

Off screen :

Story screenplay direction  :
Story is tested one has been attempted for many number of times especially  in telugu short films. Still it had lot of potential  to grab the viewer  interest of it was told in an interesting  manner by creating  dazzling  chemistry between lead actors, emotional  scenes etc.  But screen play and direction
Praneeth Namuduri also went on routine note there is no fresh scenes expect for doctor scene.  So we can not find many sparks in terms of direction. It is not that bad but routine and tested one. There are few funny scenes were there in the movie and worked to certain extent.
It is fresh and  good  to see many telugu  people together  at foreign land.  I am not very sure whiter they all known each other  before or they just met for movie but this kind of attempts always develops unity among us.

Technical  departments :
Dialogues  are neat and decent. Editing  could have been more crisper. Title designing  is good

Nitin Bhargava is really at top notch. This film is completely visual treat. Each and every  frame in the movie appeared in a colourful manner.  His work during  love proposal  scene and shots during snow fall  is really outstanding and amazing.And then to music, although bgm is not original but it is very effective. It made us to feel that there is something in the scene. It gave more than required strength  to the movie.
These are the departments which completely  saved the film from being a below average  one and made us to forgot  completely  about remaining  flaws.

Conclusion :
Love chronicles  is another routine  love drama. It is neither a good film nor bad film you must watch it for visual treat and remaining  everything  are bonus, so you should not care much about bonus whether they are good or not.

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Vamsi gangiredla (                                                                                                                                                                    
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Premalo Padithe - Doola Teeruddi | Comedy Love Story | ENG SubTitles | Lakshman Sheri - YouTube:

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Animating these Sketches will make your short films more fantasy and more appealing,

How brown dads explains math problems..
How brown dads explains math problems..
Posted by ZaidAliT on Wednesday, 8 April 2015
Featuring dad and son in this Shortfilm.

A tribute to fathers
Posted by Kiran Kumar Gurrala on Tuesday, 7 April 2015
Being father is awesome, Watch this explanation by Trivikram, warrior of words, you will agree.

Cast: Jo Chivukula, Ramakrishna Chivukula, Jayalakshmi Chivukula, Sai Krishna, Johnny Prashanth, Pavan Kumar, Sumanth Rayasam,Mahesh babu, Raju kolusu.
Voice Over: Jahnavi Dasetty.
Music: SD Abu
Written - Shot - Edited - Directed by: Sharath Marepalli

User Rating:

Direction        : Sharath Marepalli
Running  time: 8 minutes
Punchline       : it is a Girl 's thing
Shortsadda rating: 2.75/5

The content :
This film is all about the struggles and questions faced by a girl from her childhood days in present days.

The effort
On screen :
This films completely  runs with a voice over of the girl throughout the movie. It goes like a documentary. So it is hard to judge the performance. But the minute to minute expressions  given by the girl for every  single scene is really superb. She did complete justice to her role and she is a right choice.

Off screen
Technical departments:
Bgm is effective and Cinematography is good according to the mood of the film. Editing  is crisper. Dialogues are straight forward.

Story screenplay direction :
Story is realistic one and director has touched very small aspects yet crucial things in girl's life. The way dealing the issues is spellbound. Detailing given for each and every part in women's life. The story is real and the way it’s presented on screen is very natural.

Director Sharath Marepalli  made sure that there are no forced elements, but he has also succeeded in making an interesting film

Analysis :
Movie runs completely  on a girl's  angle ad message oriented one. This one of the very few Telugu short  films that touched a delicate point in the recent times and yet made sure that it’s an interesting watch . It is a purposeful cinema, refreshing and there are no routine elements. RECOMMENDED

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (                                                                                                                                                                    
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Directed by GS Karteek,
Music by Ram Narayaan Nani,
Camera by Volatile Teamworks,
A Band of Brothers (BoB) Production.


Naa Ego || Telugu Short Film 2015 || By Naveen Eragani
Naa Ego Telugu Short Film 
Manashannodiki Ego Vuntadhi

Presented by : Wide Angle Pictures

Written & Directed By Anvika Rao
Director of Photography : Karthik Gogineni
Editing : Nine Productions
Title Designing : Kiran Kumar
Lyrics : Anvika Rao Mannie
Singer : Aparna
Music : Arun, Satish


Banner : Dolling Productions, In Association with Edikcs Creation
Starring : Shanmukh, Devi Reddy, Bhargavi Narla
Director of Photography : Neeraj Gyar
Editing : Effi Rogers
Sound Engineer : Santosh
Co-director : Vikram Edikcs
Produced by : Madhav Raj
Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction : Pawan Dolling


Cast:Venkatesh(Fan of pawan kalyan),Mahesh(Fan of Deepika padukone)mitra(Fan of Sharuk Khan),sudha Reddy(Fan of Samantha),Nagarjuna(Fan of NTR),Vaseem(Fan of Pawan kalyan and Purijagannath),Rohan Yadav(Fan of Mahesh babu),Venu Yadav(Fan of Rajamouli) And Shabaresh Unni Krishnan(Fan of Rajni Kanth)

Mauka Mauka
Watch More on Pakistan
Posted by Noor Nimra on Sunday, 5 April 2015
India leaked cricket advertisement.

Come ToThe Party (Edited ) Pawankalyan version
S/o Sathyamurthy movie Come ToThe Party song (Edited ) Pawankalyan version
Posted by Pawan Kalyan on Tuesday, 17 March 2015