Cast: Santosh Kumar (Santoornesh Babu), Rakhi Sharma, Mukesh Bolisetti, Sridhar Yadav.S, Srinivas Kolala, Jagadish Adapa (Raja), Anvesh, Somesh Soma, Siva Chandra Kumar, M.Madhuri Goud, Pranitha

Cinematography: Balaji Y
Sound Engineer - Suresh
Editing: Sai Yashwanth
Music: Ghantasala Vishwanath
Producers: Eagle Eye Productions & TeluguOne Productions
Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction by: Vaali (Janasena, Okka Kshanam Short Films)

Cast : Ajay Kasmur,Mounica Reddy,Vamsi,Silver Sures,Banz Babu
Music Sandeep Anand
Director : Suresh Sarangam

Rakesh Reddy & Shiva Ram
Presented by : Wide Angle Pictures

Cast : Ramana,Swathi,krishna,Balaji,Sudha,Sanke­th,Kranthi Kumar
Dop : G.L.babu,
Music : Kanishka,
Editing : Anil Jallu,
Choreographer : Aata Sandeep
Di : Rathanakar 
Producer : Sree krishna Gorle
Director : Rakesh Reddy & Shiva Ram

Banner - Sai Akshaya Productions
Cast - Sandeep Kumar, Manasa Gutta, Sanjay Karlapudi, Harsha Chowdary, Sai Manoj, Asma
Cinematography - Editing & Color Grading - Sanjay Karlapudi
Making Stills - Santosh Kumar
Vfx & Timer Title - Shakti Swaroop
Sound Engineer - Veera (KVM)
Co-writer & Lyrics - Sai Manoj
Singer - Santosh Jagarlapudi
Music - Gnaneshwar Singh
Dubbing - Mythrika (Manasa), Santosh (Sanjay)
Production Incharge - Nagender
Production Exec. - Shiva, Karteek, Zaheer
Creative Head - Harsha Chowdary
Producer - Dr. K. Suma Chowdary
Written & Directed - Sanjay Karlapudi
User Rating:

Direction               : Sanjay karlapudi 
Genre                     : love
Is this film suits for all ages: Yes
Running time         : 36 minutes
Our Punch line       :  let’s start the timer game
Rating : 3.25/5

Ram ( sandeep) receives a call from a psycho, who kidnaps his brother’s daughter kushi. Psycho gives ram only 45minutes to reach his place. After reaching the place, ram surprised to see manasa there, who came to rescue her brother. What are the circumstances have been taken place after psycho entering into the scene? Who is that psycho? Forms remaining part of the film.

Sandeep has done little different role from his previous films, he has very less to talk more to run in this film.  he is excellent in the role of ram. His histrionics are natural
Manasagutta looks good and she did a good job with subtle and terse expression. She is perfect fit for the role.
Sanjay karlapudi, the director of this film in the role of psycho takes away all the credits from the lead actors. He is just amazing fits into the role effortlessly with perfect timing. He brings credibility to the character. However his styling and looks appears artificial.

Technical departments:
Technically this movie is very strong. Music by Gnaneswarsingh is excellent, creates the required mystery element and tension factor to the film and cinematography by sanjaykarlapudi is an asset. Color grading is equally good. these two departments made the film worth watch.
Dialogues are good and are meaningful. Punch dialogues are good. Editing could have been better, there is lot of dragging in the film during initial few minutes.

Sanjay karlapudi is always known for experimenting different kind of films. He has done the same with this film. Basically timer is a love story, but he gave a thriller feel to the love story, we can’t even see single scene which have love in it. Love story without love is definitely a big experiment.
Story deserves a special mention in this film. Story of the film is compact and the storyline is unpredictable laced with suspense. However these kind of stories are good for 15minute films. Hence the narration becomes too slow. The initial part of the film is not interesting. But the story takes interesting twists and turns once Sanjay enters into the film. Screenplay of the film is nice. The director should be commended for sticking to his own plot. It is a decent effort by the director sanjay.
Climax is not so convincing which may not be liked my majorities, if that part clicks this film would going to give a viewer a different viewing experience. At least one love or scene between manasa and sandeep after revealing the truth would have helped the final output even better way.

The basic premise of any thriller is to maintain suspense till the end of the film. This film succeeds in suspense aspect too. But the narration of the film is too long. There are many unnecessary shots. If you like thrillers, it's a must watch.

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (https://www.facebook.com/vaamshee.gangiredla)                                                                                                                                                                    
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Banner - Friend's Entertainment
Cast - Anurag Chamarthi, Sharanya Charming, Saahith Bunny
Concept - Screenplay - D.O.P - Editing - Dialogues - Direction - Ravi Ganjam


A Short Film By "VJ Entertainments"
Written & Directed By - Jagrit Kiriti
Music - Karthik Suresh
Camera - Manoj Rokalla
Editing - Sunil & Tony
Starring : Prawin Yendamuri Khaja Salauddin Shaik Kalyan Dvs Usha Reddy Vavveti Surya Karki Venkata Eswara Reddy Gayam and Suraaj Anand 
Co-Writer: Khaja Salauddin Shaik 
Music: Sukruth Poojari & Durga Bahadur
Singer : Sukruth Poojari
Cinematography & Editing : Lukka nani
Production Controller : Dheeraj Konduru
Producer : M Raghava Reddy
Written & Directed by : Jay Reddy

Cast : 
Ashok Vardan,Nidhi Mekala,Divya,Deepika

Editor : Sundar Palutla
Dop : Mahesh Prince
Written by : Ajay Cherry,Eswar Dileep
Directed by : Eswar Dileep

Selfie Is Everything Shortfilm Is a Describtion Of The Importance 


Angel a film by Vikranth Vicky - Swapna Creations
Starring:-Ganesh Naidu,Mounica Vaddi,Karthik,Bhavishya Veeramachaneni
Editing:- Satya Giduturi

Cinematography:-Ravi & Siddu
Music:-Kumar Raju
Written&Directed:- Ravitej Jupudi
Produced by:- Charantej Jupudi

Casting : Ravi Teja Pandu , Thats Charan , Sai raj , Akshay
Location Director : Abhi
Concept & Ho.O.P : Badri Vaddadi
D.O.P & EDITED : Sharath Vaddiparthi

Cast: Vikram, Jhansi
Story, Screen Play& Direction: Kiran. K




concept : SREE VEDA
making photography : KRISHNA CHAITANYA
cinematography, screenplay, editing & direction : D.K.G. RAVI TEJA
Republic Day Special Short Film - Jana Gana Mana

8 Arrows Team Work Presents..
Cast : RaviTeja Akula, Nidhi Mekhala, Aravind Kumar
Crew :
DIRECTION : Raviteja Akula
PRODUCER : Satish .G
D.O.P : M.K.Chandra
EDITING : Surya srikanth

Cast : Arpan Kanthi,Shravani Reddy, Shivkeshav
Crew :
DIRECTION : Satheesh Raja
PRODUCER : Indian Pride Cinemas
D.O.P : Pavan Maruvada,Sarwan Kanthety
EDITING & Vfx : Rajesh Kumar Nalla
Music : Ranjith Maestro,Biju Sharman


VR Panthangi Presents 
Vihar Productions
In Association with Nice Movie Creations
"Veedaleni Valapu"
DOP, Asst. Editor & Produced by #SaiviharPanthangi
Story, Dialogues, Screenplay & Directed by #Munna
Music composed, Mixed & Mastered by #SrikanthKoppula
Lyrics & Male Singer by #RajeshSukkala 
Female Singer by #BinduAddaguduru
Publicity Design & Edited by #RajBhupendraRao
Sketch By #PhanindraSharma
Dubbing by #Prasanthi #Vikram 
Casting: #Munna, #Vipul #RajBhupendraRao #Anil #Rohit #Sashi #Adity #Bindu #Ramya.

"CHINNARI" Trailer
Cast: Advitha , Bhanu Prasanth , Praveen kumar , Dinesh
Story: Ashok Nikes
Cinematography: Raj Varma
Vfx&Title Design: Mangipudi Srikanth
Screenplay-Editing-Dialouges-Direction: Deekshith Chand

Gayathri Gupta 
Ravi Kiran , 
Abhinav Gomatam
Vineesha,Priya Kamath, (Voice:Sherin Bhat) Vandana Gupta, Mounicaa Reddy, Mahesh Kathi, Rishi Rocker, Harish Naga, Hyma Varshini, Srivalli Gayathri Krishna, Jayashree Naidu, (voice: Radha Krishnaveni), Prakash Raj (voice:Mahesh Kathi) Rahul Reddy, Divya Shiva Narayan, Akhil Kodamanchili,
Direction Team : Manohar Kumar, Katta Naga Raju Goud Rahul Raj Vanam , Prasuna Reddy, Keerthi Basvoju , Pratap Bobby
Styling : Vaishu. Tanu, Gayathri Gupta, Bhaskar Kola
Subtitles : Vaishu Tanu
Title Font Design: Prashanth Raj Arramraju
Title effects: Vijay Raj
Story supervision: Srikanth Vishnu
Additional Dialogue: Vishnu Priya, Divya Mukkavilli
Ravi's assistant: SaiKanth
Singers : Anjana Sowmya, Chaitanya Sravanthi
Flute : Ravi Shankar
Background Music : Syed Kamran
Music: Karthik Kodakandla, Chaitanya Sravanthi
Dubbing at Laxvil Studio (Pavan Rachepalli)
Dubbing Engineer : Satish Reddy
Sound Design : Ramu (Angels Studio)
Co-Producer : N. Sai Rajesh, Mahesh Kathi
Media Partner : Ragalahari 

User Rating:

Amigos Productions "Koncham Kothaga"
Starring Rahul Sai Vattikuti,Navya Govardhana Rao , Chaitanya Gowtham Kammela and Sainath Garimella
Story,Screenplay,Direction : Dileep Kumar
Music : Pavan-Anuraag
Cinematography and Editing : Anil Royale
Asst Directed by Yugandhar Vasanth
Asst Cameraman : Abhiram Akhiel and Chaitanya Basuri
P.r.o : Martin Pasupuleti
Titile Design : D Suresh Krishna
Cast :Shanmukh kandregula,Angelina James,Annuraaj ambarla,Sainath Satya crew : Cinematography : Ajay Aj ,Sreekruth sravan Editing : Yogesh boppanna Music : Dj Pavan kumar Main title design:Naaga cherry Dubbing and recording : Saurabh Krishna Co-director :Ajay Aj Story,Dialogues,Direction : Sainath Satya Mydavolu


1. Kathe Vinna (female) 00:15

Music, Lyrics : Karthik Kodakandla
Singers : Anjana Soumya
Flute : Ravi Shankar
Music Programming : Kamran
Studio : Sana Yadireddy Studio
Technician : Pawan
Video Song Directed by Rahul Raj Vanam
Making video camera work Sharath Reddy, Shirin Sriram

2. Na Kalalo (female) 04:01

Music, Lyrics, Singer : Chaitanya Sravanthi
Music Programming : Bhaskar, Kamran
Violin, Guitar : Bhaskar
Studio : MY STUDIO ( Raghu Kunche)
Title effects: Vijay Raj
Direction Team : Manohar Kumar, Katta Naga Raju Goud
Video Song Directed by Shirin Sriram

3. Kathe Vinna (male) 07:22
Music, Lyrics, Singer : Karthik Kodakandla
Flute : Ravi Shankar
Music Programming : Kamran
Studio : T & M Studios

4. Na Kalalo (male) 11:08
Music, Lyrics : Chaitanya Sravanthi
Singer : Pawan Sharma Umapathi
Programming : Bhaskar , Kamran
Violin, Guitar : Bhaskar
Studios : R R Studios ( Krishna Vasa ), T & M Studios

5. FRIENDS Theme by Kamran 14:33

6. VISHNU Theme by Kamran 16:57

7. PELLIKI MUNDU Theme by Kamran 20:21

YouTube Jukebox by Radha Krishnaveni, Chavan, Mouli, Sachin, Usha Reddy Vavveti

Ravi Kiran
Gayathri Gupta

Directed by Shirin Sriram, Rupak Ronaldson

Direction Team : Manohar Kumar, Katta Naga Raju Goud Rahul Raj Vanam , Prasuna Reddy, Keerthi Basvoju, Pratap Bobby

Styling : Vaishu. Tanu, Gayathri Gupta, Bhaskar Kola
Title Font Design: Prashanth Raj Arramraju
Title effects: Vijay Raj
Co-Producer : N. Sai Rajesh, Mahesh Kathi

Special Thanks : Raghu Kunche, Dr Satya Prakash Choudhary, Suhail Ali (Chai Productions), Ramky, Vidya Gupta, Prashanth Reddy, Vijay Bolla (music composer) , Vamshi Krishna Keys (music composer)

Story, Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing by Shirin Sriram

Produced by Shirin Sriram