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Starring : Anand Vuppalapati, Sankeerthanaa, Abhinay Krishna, Raghava, Phani, U.C. Aditya, Yaswanth, Mahesh Reddy.
Director : CA Rakesh
Music Director : Martin Charles
Story : CA Rakesh
Editing : Harish Komme
Cinematography : Unni Krishnana
Voice Over : Chalaki Chanti

Direction         : CA Rakesh Silver
Genre             : love
Punch line      : Milo evaru Kotesukunadu
Running time  : 25 minutes
Shortsadda rating : 3.25/5

Plot summary:
How the three wrong calls made by abhinay, as a part  of their bet with a person in coffee shop linked with the love life of anand uppalapati forms the crux of the story.

Whats hot:
As caption itself tells us not find out any logic's, but there are not many scenes which are logic less. It is routine slapstick comedy tried to narrate in a different manner. Director RAKESH SILVER has succeeded in getting all things in correct and entertaining manner.  He has extracted  decent performance from lead cast.

During opening credits we find special mention about directors trivikram and Rgv. We can expect Rgv kind of story line with trivikram 's treatment or vice versa. But we find more of trivikram's than rgv expect for one scene. Story is very simple one and the narration goes on trivikram style only mainly for love track, it is on the lines of chirunavvutho and julayi. We can easily remember those movies. Still these scenes looks fresh and entertaining made us to have small smile on our face. Climax is very sweet. This will definitely change our opinion completely on the movie.

Trivikram impact does not ends here it extends to dialogues also. This movie has lot of punch and rhyming dialogues, are pretty good and hilarious too.
Sankeerthana is perfect find and has done superb job. Anand also did well in his role. Both are very spontaneous and give settled performance. Remaining actors are adequate.

What's not:
As discussed above, if you expect rgv kind of movie you may get disappointed a bit.  Few actors in the movie even tried to imitate the trivikram actor's style that doesn't go really well.  Little bit caring should have been taken for editing. It will take few minutes to move on with love story suddenly after that betting part.

If you are expecting some kind of crime story by seeing the title or after watching first few minutes of the movie,  drop your expectations there itself only. This is simple comedy film with very simple storyline and dialogues.

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Interview @ Love Com Telugu Short Film Trailer

SAMEERA a feel good love story 
A 3 stars production film
Ramana devi chava presents 
Story,Screenplay,Dialogues,Direction : Chinna Papisetti Cinematography_vfx_editing : Ajay krishna remala 
Producer : sri ramulu chava


Written, Directed,edited , produced and shot by Ram Sekhar Patnaik
Starring: Ram Sekhar Patnaik, Achyuth Kumar ,Vasanth Kumar ,Balyatish Chamukura ,Siva Reddy Cheenipalli, Akhil Bheemanaadam and Rahul Rennie.


VIZAG VAASI productions/World Pictures
 Director-Vijay Sekhar Upadhyayula's
 Producer:- Pavan akondi / Vyas Akondi
 Publicity designs: Ganesh Psr / PSR Designs
 Editing-Dop: Srikanth B
 Lyrics: Sathagni
 Music: Pavan Kumar
Casting: Vyas Akondi ,Lakshmi
Asst.dir:- Saisankar veturi


Cast: Vamsi Krishna Puppala, Dasari Siri, Prabhakar Koppireddy, Narendra Bhupathi, Raviteja Palagani, Swaroop. T
Camera, Editing: Laxman Chari
Story, Dialogues, Screenplay, Direction: Swaroop. T

Direction      : Swaroop On Fb
Genre           : drama
Punch line    : StrawBerry
Shorts adda rating: 3/5

Plot summary:
Vamsi Krishna puppala Leads unhappy and unsuccessful life, wants to give up his life.  After consuming poison, he recollects the important incidents happened in his entire life. He also remembers the girl whom he loved etc. what are those incidents and who is that girl? Forms rest of the story.

What’s hot?
Vamsi Krishna  As a lead actor fits the role well. He carried out the entire role in efficient way. Heroine looks beautiful, she has very little to do.
Bgm work is haunting. Cinematography is apt.  Dialogues are nice. Direction by swaroop is good and narration is very natural. Take off the movie is perfect, so the ending. If you have gone through these kind of situations which has shown in the movie, you would connect with this movie instantly. Movies based on suicide concepts are not new but the point discussed here is slightly different one.

What’s not?
As narration goes on completely natural way, pace of the film is dead slow. There is no scope for entertainment. Only few can connect with this kind of this movie. the title of the film has no relevance with the story. Lack of heart touching is also another drawback.

Although this movie has very few glitches to talk about but still it is not a appealing subject to attract all sections of people. This is not a regular cup of tea for normal movie lovers, only for those who like serious and emotional films.

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cast is Dale Witherington as The Project & Aeyllo Rain as The Girl
writer, director, editor, cinematographer, producer - Dale Witherington


Directed By Manvi Mohan
Plot: Love and comedy
 Manvi Mohan,Nanda kiran, Balu,Yugunder
Story,screenplay,dialogs, Direction: Manvi Mohan
DOP: Manikanta
Editing : Harish
RR & Music: Sukku

Direction            : Manvi Mohan 
Gene                    : comedy
Running  time       : 20 minutes 
Punch line            : Jil Jillu Manna Prema 
Shortsadda rating  : 3.25/5

Plot summary:
One day divi, the owner of the flat where three friends are staying comes suddenly  to the flat asks them to vacate the flat immediately. Three friends requests her for allowing  them to stay in flat for one week till they find the new flat. What happens next forms the remaining  part of the story.

What's hot:
Entertainment in this movie is pretty high. Most of the comedy generated by the heroine and guy with stammering.
Heroine Manvi Mohan has given power packed performance. Her spontaneity in her dialogues is very good. 
Another major highlight. The chemistry between him and divi is very good.

Hero Nanda Kiran has done well sphly climax and other person who acted as divi 's cousin did his part well.
Director Manvi Mohan  have chosen the script which has lot of scope for ample entertainment, provided us fun maximum extent. His narration is racy and quiet energetic. The way of revealing simple twists are also good.  The scene where  he completely  leaves his mark is the drinking scene. We remember srinu vytla movies with that scene. It is completely entertaining. 
dialogues, camera work are alright.

What’s not?:
Story is highly predictable. The movie loses its tempo once the drinking scene is completed. The insertion of song in the middle with that much duration can be easily  avoided or using original song would have helped to carry feel.  The same alias song has been used in many short films before, so it does not give much freshness. Editing could have been crisper.

Jill jillu manna prema is very high on entertainment and was supported by superb performances. A love story with entertainment.  A perfect short film to pass your time.

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మూగమనసు -రూపం కన్నా అందమైనది 
Story,Screenplay,Editing,Cinematography and Direction by Sandeep Chandra bose.Velugula

Sivaram naidu
Sirisha jayanthi


Cast: Manohar, Pavani Sarika, Dileep
DOP: Dadi Lokesh
Editing: An anand
Music: Avrd Prasad
Assistant Director: Surya Tej
Production Assistants: Padl Ganesh Alex
Producer: Leelavathi
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Rajesh GV


Hindi short film about a woman whose dream turns into a nightmare, post marriage and her reaction. 


Title:LOVE It just Happens
Casting:Chetan,Sharyar Shaikh(Sheroo),Hemanth Sawanth,Ganesh,Manisha,Surbhi,Chaitali,P­riyanka,Varsha,
Music:Satya Somesh
Editor:Shiva Kiran
Cinematography :Prashanth Ramayya
Dialogues:Hithesh Mahapatra
Written & Directed By :Tejaravi


Starring: Dharmik Vadel, Gaurav Arora, and Hurlain Kothari
Makeup by Shea Phillips
Written & Directed by Ubaid Seth
Produced by Moon Mehmood
Language: Urdu / Hindi


Cast And Crew:
Director - Bahaish Kapoor
Music/Sound - Bahaish Kapoor
Editor- Bahaish Kapoor
Cinematographer - Bahaish Kapoor
Actors - Prabuddh Dayama, Isha Talwar


Cast & Crew:
Director: Manav Bhinder
Music / Sound:
Editor : Indranil Roy
Cinematographer: Arjun Sorte
Actors: Parineeti chopra, Nasir



Uddeshya Rath Krishnatreya,Kriti Vij
Faraaz Siddiqui,Sakshi Oberoi Bahadur
Zorian Cross,Eesha Singh
Vishwas Kapoor,Sonam Sharma

Ahmed Kamal

Assistant Cameraman:
Viivek Pant

Music Courtesy:

Poetry & Narration:
Nagesh Prasad

Upendra Palaria

Motion Graphics:
Ankush Kathuria
Mohan Singh

Amit Tripathi

Executive Producer:
Ashutosh Joshi

Written & Directed by:
Muhammad Aasim Qamar

Production House:



Cast : Venky, Nani, Sampada Reddy, Mounika Nelluri, Jagadeesh Challa, Anil Kumar Vemavarapu.
Dubbing Artists : Satish Kumar Vemavarapu, Mounika Nelluri, Sunil Varma Thadi.
Editor, Cinematographer, VFX and SFX : Ejaz Ahmed.
Director : Satish Kumar(OSSS Creations).
Producer : Sunil Varma Thadi (MJ'S Productions)


Story/Screen play/Direction by Suresh Kona
Director of Photography :- Shanker Hosuru
Music by :- Mohit and Pranay
Editing by :- chanakya'
Dubbing by :- Nageswara Rao
Our Special Thank to Children :- Lakshya,Trinaini,Sneha,Kathikeya & Manish


Written and Directed by SRIKANTH SIDDHAM 

Girish Goda, Sagarika, Usha Gayatri, Sandilya, Shireesha, Sasi Nandha, Kamal Teja, Ravali, pavan kumar


Cast : Suman Akunuri, Srikanth Chimmili, Srujana Thatiparthi 
Cinematography : Amar Sai
Editing & Titles: Srikanth Chimmili
Poster Design : Arjun Varma
Produced by Turtle cinema
Story,Dialogues,Screenplay,Direction: Arjun Varma

Direction        :  Arjun Varma
Genre            : social awareness/message
Running Time: 9 minutes
Punch line      : F1
Shortsadda rating: 3.25/5

Plot summary:
Story of three friends in which one friend is exactly opposite to other two person's characters. He cares for the society a lot and he is the first person to react whoever needs help. He always argues with his friends about the society. What kind of situation he has faced with this kind of behavior forms rest of the story.

Whats hot?
Undoubtedly the performances of all three actors are main asset to the movie. They gave settled performance.the way of dealing message oriented one is really worth appreciation. One never feel philosophical or bore with the movie. Dialogues are realistic and at the same time not preachy.

The situations taken for the movie are very natural. Direction  Arjun Varma is racy and at same time philosophical. treatment is very good.Length is its major strength. Director must be appreciated for selecting message oriented flick and dealing it in interesting way. Twist in the climax and message are very good.

All technical departments are also given required output.

What's not?
Although the length is short, i think the movie could have been at least 10 minutes longer to create more impact. The chemistry between three lead actors should have been developed more.

It’s a very satisfying movie although things seem to be going on in a predictable manner.

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