A film by Balu Yadav

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Cast: Jo Chivukula, Ramakrishna Chivukula, Jayalakshmi Chivukula, Sai Krishna, Johnny Prashanth, Pavan Kumar, Sumanth Rayasam,Mahesh babu, Raju kolusu.
Voice Over: Jahnavi Dasetty.
Music: SD Abu
Written - Shot - Edited - Directed by: Sharath Marepalli

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Lyrics, Written & Directed by: Arun Kumar Aloori,
Produced by: Rakesh Engu,
Music Direction & Playback Singing: Vishal Adelli, 
Cinematography: Ranjith Engu, 
Editing: Bhhassker Nandagiri, 
Still Photographer: Manish Linga, 
Online Promotion: Rajiv Gorikapudi, 
Title & Poster Designed by: Bhoomesh Ankam, 
Cartoons: Ragini Aloori, 
Sound Designed by: Arun Kumar Aloori, 
Dubbing: Arun Kumar Aloori (Revanth Gangam) 

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A False Story Based On True Event

A Film by : Chaitanya Kumar Sasala​

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Written and Directed By Shivadeep
Cast : Kirann, Ramesh Chandra
Dop : Anwar Ahamed
Music : Vamshi Krishana Keys, Siva Krishana Keys
Editor : Lavanya Krishana
Vfx : Dhavan Kamble

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Kishore Babu Sambangi Presents
Mr.Sambangi Productions 
In Association with
A1 Dimension Frames
“Ye Darilo Veluthunnano” Song
Cast : Ravi Kumar Janneti and Pushpanjali Rao
Music Kesav Kiran
Female Hummings: Sahithi Vangara
Guitars by : Immanuel Paul & Kesava Kiran.
Recorded at G.V.Studios
Sound Engineer : 3R.Ashok
Associate Directors : A.V.V Satya & Ravi Kumar
Art : Vijay kumar Ganta & Avinash Sunny
Singer : Subhash Narayan
Lyrics :Kishore babu sambangi
Editing: Anil Kumar Jallu
Dop : Avinash Sunny
Choreographer : Vijay Kumar Gan

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Cast and Crew :Casting:
Venkat as Pappu
Roger David as Chandu,Music & Sound Design: 
Amadeus Mozart,Cinematography: Gordon Wills
Editing : Hisao Kurosawa
Story : Hima,Dialogues: 
Tarak Screenplay: Rama,VFX :
Kate,Color Grading : 
Prince Lumiere Labs,Sound: Satya, Voice Over:
Madhu Maddali
Satyadev Bommisetti
Venkat Thikkavarapu
Roger David
Prince Lumiere Pictures

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Direction              : Taraka Rama
Genre                  : thriller 
Running time        :11 minutes  
Punchline             : Guhya  
Shortsadda rating: 3/5

The content:
It is all about to find out the hidden treasure. Two friends who are very ambitious and who always aims high, very interested in doing adventurous tasks and they came to know about the hidden treasure secret by reading some book in his uncle's personal library.So they have decided to find out that treasure. Will they are succeeded in their attempts?

The effort:
On screen:
Both the actors Venkat & Roger David are very casual  and natural  at acting. They did their best and delivers settled performance.

Off screen:
Technical departments:
Editing was neat. Bgm is appropriate. Cinematography is pretty decent,visuals are feast to decent. Dialogues  are natural and complements the story  well.

Story- direction:
This movie has been made on the idea given by the puri jaganath.The real test for director starts exactly here where many people attempts the same subject in different ways. So the director Taraka Rama has to show and make the film in very effective and creative  way. Screenplay must he effective and innovative too but shouldn't be redundant and inspired one. Start of the film is pretty decent and conversations between the lead actors are interesting. take off is pretty decent.

Director has tried to give some thrills with the help of vfx work. Because  of low quality  in vfx those thrills  doesn't thrill us in very effective  manner, budget may be the constraint so one shouldn't blame  the director  for that. 

The basic scene for this film is an inspired one from some random YouTube video. If you haven't watched that video earlier then it will be interesting. but if you aware of that video the total interest which was created  by first scene will lost.  Whatever it will be, this may not be interesting thriller but decent one to watch. Running time and camera work are its positives.

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (https://www.facebook.com/vaamshee.gangiredla)                                                                                                                                                                    
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Directed by Jay Krish Indrakanti, 
Starring Dinesh, Priyanka, Sandeep Kadime. 
Cinematography by Chanti (Krishna Shankar Anisatti), 
Editing by Sandeep Kadime 
Dubbing by Niharika Indrakanti and Naveen (Dinesh).

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Directed by Pranav Babloo 
Cast...Pranav,Mallika,Anirudh,Sonali,Roh­it,Uday and Shanth Kumar
Editor : Santosh kiran,
Music : Rajesh 
Cinematography : Anand Nadakatla
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Direction             : Pranav Babloo 
Genre                 : thriller /comedy
Punch line           :  Drive
Running  time      : 17:26 minutes
Shortsadda rating : 3.5/5

The content :
Three friends were decided to go on a long drive but they didn't decide on destination. One among them got thrilling idea and they decided to apply that idea to their long drive. What is that idea?
What were the consequences have been faced by them because if this?

The effort :
On screen :
First boy is very spontaneous, sophisticated and yet suitable for the role. He has given a controlled dialogue delivery.
Girl looks pretty good. Her carefree attitude, expressions are major plus.
We must say these three actors have given their best for their respective roles. Casting is huge asset for this film.

Story direction:
It is kind of hatke story completely in a hatke manner. It started as a comic film then moves to thriller zone.  Director Pranav Babloo never loses its grip over the narration. The last scene of the movie is truly intelligent scene. We have seen many films with this theme as a backdrop. But no one has told before such a new and entertaining way before.  Many hilarious moments were there in this film.  Director has done really a fine job and he definitely deserves big appreciation for attempting this without going for same old routine formulaic stories.

Other departments :
Background music Rajesh is excellent and helped the narrative. 
Anand Nadakatla by debutant Richard Prasad is superb. He has nice aesthetic sense and good framing techniques.
Dialogues  are clear and are apt for the situations. Editing is near perfect. 
Analysis :
Drive movie falls definitely under comedy genre but the narrative style is different. There are no forced scenes in the film. You will definitely going to have different viewing experience. 
Instead of attempting umpteen numbers of times on same subject it’s better to attempt simple stories with excellent screen play.  Rewards and awards will follow you.

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (https://www.facebook.com/vaamshee.gangiredla)                                                                                                                                                                    
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Production: Ecube cinema
CAST :Sriram Adittya, Preethi Kunchala, Vaishu Thanu, Srikari, Sudheer Penumula, Meghana, Shamili.
Direction department: Gautham Anirudh, Sainadh
Cinematography: Prasad Kallepalli
Editing: Vikas krishna
Music: Biju Sharman
Producer: Prasad Kallepelli
Written and Directed by : Raogaru Kasarelli

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Direction             : Raogaru Kasarelli
Genre                 : love
Running  time      : 11.25 minutes.
Our punch line     : Story of Seetha Mahalakshmi
Shortsadda rating : 3.5/5

The content:
Sreeram and seetha mahalakshmi falls for each other at very first sight of their meet. Who proposed first? What happened to their love story?  Forms rest of the story.

The effort :
On screen
Herione Preethi Kunchala as seetha mahalakshmi  brought lot dignity  to her love. She is very cute and has very expressive eyes. She did her role with lot of perfection.
Hero Sriram Adittya as sree ram is cute, innocent , lovable just  like heroine described  about him. His dialogue  delivery with a mix of innocence in his voice is really superb.

Off screen:
Story screenplay direction,
Story is of the movie is very simple and routine.
The execution is very poetic, sensible and cute.  Director Raogaru Kasarelli  has tried to imitate bapu style of making to extent which brings lot of freshness to the film. He designed both the characters really well. Proposing scene is the major highlight for the film which is in turn true maniratnam style  of making.
Mixing  of maniratnam and bapu style is something very rare. I am looking forward for a movie which is either short film with some good length or a future film from this director in same style of making. Narration  is  very smooth and decent.

Other technical departments:
Dialogues are cool and natural. Editing  is very  smooth. Production values  are very good.
Cinematography by Prasad kalepalli  is huge asset. Although the locations  are pretty normal one's, cinematographer  made them a visual treat to watch. Music is equally  good just like camera work and helps in carrying  the feel throughout the film.

Some films makes us laugh, some makes us cry only few films brings a little smile on our lips after or while the watching  them. This film belongs to such genre only. You  cam watch this movie without having  any second taught. Length is its  biggest  strength.

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (https://www.facebook.com/vaamshee.gangiredla)                                                                                                                                                                    
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Title Design by Suresh P
Music by Aananth Srikhar
Cinematography by Santhosh 
Editing By Rakesh Aarya
Written & Directed by Mukesh Salur

User Rating:

Casting:-Akhil Thej,Henagrace,Jagadeesh kartheek
D.O.P:- Suneel Prem Chand 
editing:-Present trend pro, vlovecreations
female voice:- RUPIKA
cameraman:-Prasad samuel
CO-Director and dialouges:- RAM GANNI
concept,story,screenplay & direction:- PAVAN BANDARU

User Rating:


Cast- Cherry Katru, Joseph Korati, Sudheer Kumar
Production- Runway Reel
Editing- Nani Lukka
Music- Yanni Nelapati
Story,Screenplay,Dialogues & Cinematography - Jones Katru

User Rating:

Direction        : Jones Katru
Genre            : message 
Punch line      : Beautiful Girl Birth
Running  time : 10 minutes
Rating : 3.5

It is a sensible drama about girl child and about the feelings of a father and remaining people when a girl child was born. It has been dealt very nicely for which you must have to watch the film.

The effort:
Onscreen :
There is nothing much scope for actors to perform, all we can say they did their best specially the person who donned the father  role is extraordinary  in expressions.

Off screen:
Story screenplay direction:
It is really good to see short films which are concentrated more on major burning issues. Director Jones Katru has picked the girl's birth as a topic for his film. Without going for unnecessarily deviations, he did what he wants to do. There is no cinematic melodrama or loads of sentiment, everything has dealt in a quiet sensible and natural manner. Director deserves a pat on his back for his selecting this topic for his film.

Other departments:
Black and white mode complements the feel and mood of the film. Bgm work is extraordinary.


This can be used as an advertisement by trimming the length to even shorter. Though the length is small, the message it conveyed is very strong.  A must watch for those who gives lesser importance to the girl.

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (https://www.facebook.com/vaamshee.gangiredla)                                                                                                                                                                    
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Presented By - S&B Music Mill
Singers - Shabina, Nissy John
Lyrics - Sirish
Mixing Engineer - Vinay Kumar, Raghav
Editing - T Ramam
Music / Concept - Prabhakar Chaitanya Y
Direction / Camera - Sandeep Reddy Katkuri

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Banner : Nidhi Love creations
 Short film name : NAMMAKAM
Duration : 40 minutes
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction : Nidhi Bantupalli
Music & Dubbing : Leela Mohan
Camera : Sunl Kumar
VFX, Titles & Poster Design : MKS Manoj
Assistant Director : Surendra
Lyricist : Bujanga rao
 Actors :
 Nidhi Bantupalli
Laxmana Rao
  Mukhya Athidulu :
 Gazal Vasu
Dusi Kondala Rao 

User Rating:

Direction         : Nidhi Bantupalli
Genre              : love
Our punch line : Nammakam
Running time  : 40 minutes
Shortsadda rating : 2.75/5

The content:
Nammakam is all about the love story between  hero Nidhi Bantupalli who is dumb and heroine Rinku who in turn maradalu to him. Heroine’s father didn't  likes his daughter's love affair with hero. What kind of decision does her father has taken? What happened  to their love? Will it is happy ending or sad ending?  For all those answers you must  have to watch this love tale.
The effort :
On screen :
Hero Nidhi Bantupalli as dumb person is ok while the heroine Rinku impresses us with her neat performance. She may not be liked by us at very first scene of her but eventually she looks pretty as movie passes by.  Heroine' father tried to bring  lot of dignity to his character. Remaining all other actors who acted as a friend to hero, bhava to heroine and as a gay are just ok.
Off screen:

Story  of this kind has been tested for many times but still  it has lot of potential  to grab attention  from viewers only if it is told in an interesting  way, there has been lot of interesting  threads in the story like daughter-father relationship, love story between lead pair, friendship angle  etc. But none of them had been taken proper care by the director. Direction is completely old fashioned from its first scene. Climax supposed to be highlight for the entire film but because  of direction it turns completely  pale and below routine. Chemistry between the lead pair is not up to mark. It should be so strong in emotional department but falls flat in that.
Other technical departments:
Cinematography  is ok, the locales of Srikakulam, Vizag has been exploited well.
Bgm work is good, songs in the film are also good to hear. They shot in a beautiful way.
Dances and stunts are decent. 
Dialogues are very gripping although there are very few dialogues. nammakam dialogue stands out. One of the major highlights for the film
Editing is biggest  let down for the film, it would have been more crisper and gripping. Length of the movie is another drawback.

Analysis :

These kind of stories appears very good on scripting stage. It has to execute very carefully from the selection of lead pair, engaging screenplay, soulful music etc. But this movie falls very flat in execution. You can watch this movie for its story and the team effort.

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (https://www.facebook.com/vaamshee.gangiredla)                                                                                                                                                                    
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