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Cast : Raviraj Kandukuri, Bhargav Bonthapalli
Concept : Raviraj Kandukuri
DOP : Abhishek Kopparapu, Omkar Bharadwaj
VFX & Editing : Dinesh Kolagani
Music : MGK Praveen
Director : Abhishek Kopparapu


Vamshi, Shravan, Satya, Bobby, Tarakeshwar, TVK Prasad, Srikanth, Mallikarjun Rao, Ravinder ,Bharath, Santhosh & Harish
Editing: G. Kranti kumar
Lyrics : Vamshi
VFX: Shiva Teja Goud & team
DOP: Bobby & G. Kranti kumar
Music director (Sound) : Jagannath sendi
Producer: G. Kranti kumar
Director: Gandham Kranti kumar


EK DESH KI KAHAANI is a patriotic short film directed by @AMRUTHA CHARAN


Movie: Shivam
Star Cast: Ram, Rashi Khanna
Director: Srinivas Reddy
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Ravi Kishore
Banner: Sri Sravanthi movies

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Direction                  : Srinivas Reddy
Running  time        : 168 minutes
Shortsadda rating   : 2/5

Shiva (Ram) as a young guy with aggressive attitude helping the eloped lovers to get married with a simple philosophy. On a train journey, Shiva enters into a confrontation with Jedcherla based powerful local goon Bhoji Reddy (Vineet Kumar) and his three sons. On the same journey, Shiva also falls in love at first sight with Tanuja (Rashi Khanna) in Kurnool and tries to impress her. In parallel, a gang headed by Abhi (Abhimanyu Singh) is also on the hunt for Shiva. Very soon when Shiva and Tanuja begin to develop a romantic chemistry, Tanuja and her family is kidnapped by Abhi. How Shiva plays the game of wits between Bhoji Reddy and Abhi groups? When Tanuja obliges the sincere love of Shiva?

 Ram is very energetic as usual. His handsome looks, dances, fights, comic timing everything is good. Apart from story selection he did everything with lot of dedication. He put lot of efforts and entire film runs on his shoulders. What is the use of doing all these when we had weakest of all weakest script in our hand.  With an actor of almost 10+ movies experience, I don’t understand how he accepted this story line. Probably this could be his weak movie in his entire carrier.

Few days back he gave one statement. “from now onwards I  never attempt any experimental flick I do only routine entertainers. All of my experimental flicks were box office duds but my routine entertainers are biggest hits”.  May be he is correct to some extent but audience like routine scripts if they were made in decent way but not senseless scripts. He should know the difference between routine and senseless scripts.  Doing a movie is not about dances, stylish costumes, exotic locations, thumping music it is all about interesting story and screenplay.
When ram said I had bunch of new scripts in my kitty, I taught from now on every film of ram will be new one but if they are these kinds of scripts, please ram reconsider your decision.  Otherwise people would have think that it would very easy to convince ram .

Raasi khanna:
She is very glamorous in her role, this is only one thing to talk positive about her.  Her character has no proper direction at all.  Her character shades changes swiftly without having any good reasons. If you want to see decent rashi, stick to oohalu gusa gusalade or you want to see naughty raasi stick to jil but don’t watch this because of raasi khaana. If she accepts these type of scripts, very sure she will disappear more movies in one year. So please raasi, don’t disappoint your make. We accepted you as one of our favorite heroine even though you are bit plump. You are very few steps nearer to star status this kind of moves makes you disappear from industry.

Bramanandam,sreenivas reddy, jayaprakash reddy are good their role. Each of them has one comedy scene to provide few laughs.

Abhimanyu singh is routine in his role, his introduction is interesting but afterwards it becomes tad boring. Coincidence is that in pandaga chesko he comes to kidnap rakul and here also he kidnaps raasi.

Posani provides huge relief but his character lacks clarity. Fish venkat is the next big star comedian in our industry. He has provided best comedy among the bunch of comedians. Last week, he did the same with subramanyam for sale now with this shivam, ofcourse this work becomes unnoticed.  Felt very good to see krishna bhagwan after a long time, he made his presence felt. Singer mano acted as raasi father, made us to feel fresh.

Devi sri prasad:  for any movie whether it is hit or flop, his music becomes a huge asset. At least two to three songs from entire album were chartbusters. Same happened here also andamaina lokam and I love you too songs are very good. But the situations  for those songs are very bad. Background work depends upon the quality of the film. More quality good bgm, less quality routine bgm. Still he has tried to lift the scenes with his bgm work But no use. I feel bad two good songs were wasted for this flick.

Rasool Ellore camera work is awesome and primarily, all the songs were beautifully canned. He camera moves beautifully from Hyderabad to jadcherala to kurnool via aaraka, norway in the middle and ooty at the end.
Madhu’s editing missed in sharpness to chronicle the protagonist’s flashback. Almost 30minutes of the movie could have been easily trimmed.
To talk about dialogues, there are lot of punch dialogues in it.

Coming to srinivasreddy, he does pretty sloppy job with his debut, he stretches a simple story line to unnecessary extent and complicates matters. Sreenivasa Reddy’s direction abilities early on were impressive but later on downscaled gradually. His dizzy approach became more profound with lack of substance to run the whole of second half.
I don’t know understand whether still telugu cinema lover only likes same old senseless plot. When one debutant is making a film with some prestigious production, one will accept something new in the story and making. Nothing such had happened. He missed the great opportunity. Ram told some nice words about him in audio function which are going to be untrue for sure.
As a story, there is nothing so serious and a point to register this film is enveloped with. Obscurity in premise and imprecise characterizations take the narrative to go wayward. Kishore Tirumala impressed here and there with good writing but screenplay is so loose despite there is superb raciness in storytelling.

Sravanti art movies:
 it is their 30th year in film industry, we definitely expect something classic subject from them normally, when it comes to 30th it will be much more than that.  This is the same production which gave classic blockbusters like nuvenuve, nuvunakunachav, nuve kavali, ready, ladies tailor etc. But this time they are no way reached our expectations. They just poured down the huge money without caring for anything.

Last word:
For justification of title, they kept some unneccasary flashback at last. I am recommeding you to stay from it, otherwise you would lost respect towards ram, rasi , sravnti banner etc.   films bhale bhale, cinema choopista mava, subramnayam for sale were huge hits with simple contents I taught this will be on the same list. But it is better for you stick for those film or else you wait for rudramadevi next week. When gemini tv bought the satellite rights for 5.25 crores, some curiosity was generated, now I am very to say that all those crores going to sink without any trace. Thank god, atleast 5.25crores was saved for sravanti arts banner.

For me 500 bucks were wasted unnecessarily, don’t think that I have purchased the tickets in black market. I had spent on my friend’s tickets as none of them are interested in watching his movie on first day, it is me who convinced them for watching. So again it is me to bear the loss. 

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (                                                                                                                                                                    
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Short Film : ila Ela
Cast: Uday Goutam Reddy, Anusha Gavarapati, Anudeep, Shivaji Raj , Sravani Gumma.
Msr Productions Proudly Presents
In Association With Lsquare Productions
Dubbing: Prakash.g(NSM Studios)
Making Photography : Sumanth Ghanta
Dop-Vfx-Title & Poster Design : Mangipudi Srikanth
Background Music : Srikanth Koppula
Written- Edited & Directed : Deekshith Chand


Banner: LIFE Productions (
Written & Directed by: Naresh Sanjay (
Genre: Love story
Achhpeliya Jithu
Kanthi prabha
Prasanth chinnu
Shaik usman
Mukesh uncle
Vennela kumar
Co-writer: Avinash.k
Associate director: Vennela kumar


Cast : Krishna Chaithanya Joshi, Uma Rani, Vaidehi, Dinesh
Dialogues: Prabhakar Ellu
Camera: Srinivas Pati
Editing: Chandramouli Miriyala
Dubbing: Sathya Priya, Rekha.
Background score: Suresh Nadiminti


Written, Directed,edited , produced and shot by Ram Sekhar Patnaik
Starring: Ram Sekhar Patnaik, Achyuth Kumar ,Vasanth Kumar ,Balyatish Chamukura ,Siva Reddy Cheenipalli, Akhil Bheemanaadam and Rahul Rennie.

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Written and Directed by Kishen Katta
Editing and Cinematography by Kishen Katta
Music and BGM by Harinikesh
VFX by Nikitha Mannam
Starcast:- Vijay Ram, Nirooha, Tanya Joshi, Nishanth, Ajay Hanumanthu, Hari and Padma
Additional Photography by Vivek Kongara
Assistant Directors:- Ajay Hanumanthu, Lalit Katta, Mahesh, Pavan Vaka.


Subramanyam For Sale Movie Theatrical Trailer, featuring Sai Dharam Tej, Regina Cassandra, Adah Sharma. Produced by Dil Raju under the banner Sri Venkateswara Creations. Directed by Harish Shankar and music composed by Mickey J Meyer.

Direction                :  Harish Shankar
Punch line              :  Seetha tho anta veezy kaadu
Shortsadda rating   : 3.25/5

Plot summary:
There is nothing much to talk about the story, story runs almost on the similar lines of bhavagaru bagunara with kandireega kind of twist in the background. Then why should one watch this routine and predictable story for one more time. To get your question answered, let’s go into the review.

Sai dharam teja as subrmanyam is simply outstanding in his role, he gave a terrific performance from the beginning to pre climax sequence. His dances, dialogues, energy levels what not apart from one thing everything is flawless. His dance moves in guvva gorinka o song are mesmerizing. His styling is also good.

But sai sticks more to imitation than to his originality. Right from his introduction scene with thamudu bakground to guvva gorinka song via gabbarsingh kind of interval bang, he imitates and reminds us chiranjeevi and pawankalyan where ever it is possible to do.  He did all these things to work commercially and to attract mega fans but it doesn’t work big time with common audience. He has to improve a lot in emotional scenes. Climax scenes didn’t come out well.

Regina as seetha is perfect fit for the role. She is one of the rarest actress in telugu cinema industry with such acting capabilities. She shares excellent chemistry with sai dharam teja. Definitely this film takes her to much awaited big league. In the pre climax scene she is fabulous. She has given her best but in emotional scenes she gave more than that.  But her make-up, costumes and looks are not good and made her to look bit elder than her earlier movies. Especially her costumes in ash karenge songs are outdated.

Fish venkat is another surprise package in this film, his funny english one lines worked for a big-time. Bhramandam got a meaty role after a long time and this time it worked well. Among others thagubotu ramesh in one scene and rao ramesh excels in their respective roles.

For adah sharma, this film doesn’t help her in any way, in fact it degraded her to another level. Although her character is good, she is completely misfit for actor of such caliber. She got a dream debut with heart attack, but she is not utilizing it properly.

When we see harish shankar previous films, he never attempted any new stories. Same happened with this film also, story is quiet old fashioned and completely predictable. But his treatment is completely fun filled one and makes us to seat without any boredom till last scene. This may not be his best work but surely he is back now. First is just ok without much sparks in the story and its proceeding. First half is solely depended on regina, sai and bhrmanadam without any much hiccupps. Interval bang is interesting but again predictable one. Once the movie enters into kurnool there is no-stopping from there, it went peaks with guvva gorinka song and same pace has been continued from on with the following proceedings upto pre cilmax scene but climax is not much effective, dragged and dramatic. There is no use for the film with those scenes. 
Movie would have been much better if the climax had handled in effective way.

Here are five hilarious funny tracks in the movie:
Adah sharma love story.
Kota srinivas rao killing scene
All scenes of fish venkat and few scenes of brahamandam in second half

Other departments:
Dialogues penned by  harish shankar are edgy and evoke good fun, but there is some unnecessary  punch dialogues inserted. Editing is just fine, but few scenes need some serious trimming for smooth flow.
Songs are just ok but they don’t hinder the flow of the film. Sai dances and regina chemistry worked really well in the songs.  Bgm work by Mickey.j.mayor is effective. Ram Prasad’s camera work is humdrum and action by ram lakshman is good.

It was bhale bhale magadivoye’s turn to entertain audience in big way. This may not entertain us in that big way as bbm did but it will not disappoint us. It will surely rock at ticket window at least for two weeks. Hilarious comedy, dances,szziling chemistry are its positives and predictable story, slow narration in first half are its negatives.

Review By                                                                                                               
Vamsi gangiredla (                                                                                                                                                                    
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Cast : priyatham , Manasa, Ashish Gandhi, Nishu Nishanth, Sharath jagarlapudi, Alekhya, Crew : music : PVR Raja Cinematography: nithish karingula, Ayodhya ram Editing : Harsha Annavarapu Song cinematography: A. Laxman Asst cinematography: Maha Mukesh Vfx : srikanth mangipudi DI : Ratnakar reddy Choreography: sai Aditya Publicity designs: Ganesh psr Producer : MIDHUN Bandreddi Written & directed: ravi veeturi


Starring : Jay & Vani Reddy Assistant Director : Mattegunta Anagha Mohan Associate Director : Vinaykumar Winnai Co Director : Vijay Kondisetty Editor : Ramkey Producers : Anjani Ganesh & Mounika Gurram DOP & Director : Amar Phoenix Raider


Genre : Comedy
Banner : 100 Days Movies, Vida Mehboob Sheik Presents
Camera : Kalyan
Editing : Balaji
Designer : Navaneeth Chary
Sound Engineer : Raju Bommarathi
Background Score : Ram Kolthuri
Written & Direction : Bhashasree


Uddeshya Rath Krishnatreya
Kriti Vij
Faraaz Siddiqui
Sakshi Oberoi Bahadur
Zorian Cross
Eesha Singh
Vishwas Kapoor
Sonam Sharma
Special Thanks:
Kamal Singh Asowal
Ravi Prakash
Rahul Sagar
Shabd Kumar
Bahaish Kapoor
Mrs. Rana Safvi
Rahul Sahgal
Praveen Chunar
Kshitij Prakash
Yash Joshi
Ahmed Kamal
Assistant Cameraman:
Viivek Pant
Music Courtesy:
Poetry & Narration:
Nagesh Prasad
Upendra Palaria
Motion Graphics:
Ankush Kathuria
Mohan Singh
Amit Tripathi
Executive Producer:
Ashutosh Joshi
Written & Directed by:
Muhammad Aasim Qamar
Production House:



"DIRTY PICTURE" by Rockesh Reddy
CAST-Sri Sushma,Naresh Naidu,Satish Saripalli,Santhosh(VIVA),Jones Katru,Shreeda Bhatt,Fizza,Revthi Yadav,Santhoshi,Suji(Hizra).
SPECIAL THANKS-Shanmukh Jashwanth,Sneha Rao Battula,Sri royale
MUSIC-Ram Narayan
EDITING-Srikanth Patnaik R
CO.DIRECTOR-Uday Shankar
EXE PRODUCER-Sreenivas Balla
PRODUCER-Srinivas Kadiyala